2017-18 Tiger Prep Scholarship Recipient - Nadia McGinnis
Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tiger Prep and Skylight Foundation are pleased to announce our 2018 Scholarship recipient, Nadia McGinnis. Nadia is graduating from Chagrin Falls High School this June. She plans to study special education at Kent State University beginning this Fall.

Nadia has spear-headed the most amazing initiatives to foster inclusion and community at the Chagrin Falls High School. She founded “Connect,” a student-run organization that does indeed connect peer “buddies” with students with special needs through fun activities. Be it having lunch with special students, or designing a sensory-friendly area at prom for those who need it, or all the other friendly, inclusive outreach Nadia has done, she has promoted and fostered a culture in Chagrin of togetherness.

We are so delighted that Nadia is pursuing a career in special education and we salute her passion and hard work, and celebrate her as a true role model for kindness, compassion and inclusiveness!

(Nadia is pictured above with Tiger Prep Board Members Steve Thompson and Dixie Singer)