Statewide Success for Skylight Holiday Toy Drive
Thursday, December 21, 2017

Skylight’s Annual Holiday Toy Drive is going from strength to strength and this year it has brought smiles to the faces of many less fortunate kids and their families throughout the state of Ohio.  Here we take you around the state to learn about the activities organized by our main offices and the amazing impact of the toy drive.


Our Cincinnati Toy Drive


“In Cincinnati we partnered with the Robert’s Academy and the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) to create a Christmas experience for 2 kindergarten classes.  Many of these children would not have had a gift to open had it not been for this event.  It was incredible to see the joy on the kids’ faces when Santa walked in and we all started singing Christmas carols and each child had a chance to come and meet Santa and get their gift bag. 

It was a wonderful experience!!  We also donated toys to the CPD for their use to help other families in need or to calm on child on a patrol interaction.  We are so looking forward to continuing to help more children in the community!!”

- Charles Cooper, Managing Director

“I wanted to THANK you all again for all the toys that you and your co-workers collected. You all made A LOT of kids really happy. We put together totes full of toys for the six families we took grocery shopping on Monday. Each family had multiple children in their families and with your donation, each child received some toys that were age appropriate. We cannot THANK you enough for this wonderful donation and your visit with us to the classroom.”

- Police Officer Jennifer Dawson, Cincinnati Police Department

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Our Dublin, Columbus Toy Drive


“Our participation in the toy drive reached a record level this year.  We partnered with the City of Dublin and the Washington Township Fire Department (@WT_DublinOhio) and sponsored a Touch a Truck event at our office on December 16. 

We received a grant from the Logan Family Foundation matched by the Skylight Foundation and we had nearly $3,000 in gifts purchased and donated that were picked up by Washington Township Engine 95 for distribution by the Toys for Tots program in Central Ohio.  We had about 50 people including representatives, clients and their families participate in our Touch a Truck event.  We enjoyed coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts from Tim Horton’s.  Lt. Stewart and his squad from Engine 95 were overwhelmed with the support and look forward to an even bigger and better presence in the future.”

- Jeffrey D. Logan, Firm Ambassador

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Our Toledo Toy Drive


“The Toledo office partnered with the City of Toledo Police Department to gain participation in our first year to join the Toy Drive.  The involvement from this office was overwhelming and the support from the Police Department was incredible. 

We had three of the local news stations here covering our reception last Friday where we presented the toys to them. There was also a reporter from The Blade here.  Chief Kral took time out of his very busy schedule to attend along with six officers and during his interview with the media, he was very excited for these donations.  He said they will be donating some to the Children’s’ Hospital here in town, to some needy families they know about and will also retain some to carry in their cars to comfort and support children and teens in time of need. 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience that we are very anxious to get started with our donation quest for next year and the years to follow.”

- Mary Gensler, Operations Coordinator

 Check out our Toledo Holiday Toy Drive Photo Gallery and video produced by the Toledo Police Department


Our Cleveland Toy Drive


“In Cleveland, we partnered with the Cleveland Police Foundation and we have been totally blown away by people’s generosity this year. We have taken the toy drive from 800 toys three years ago to nearly 2,500 this year which is an incredible achievement. We were honored to join the 2nd District’s annual Christmas party and it was amazing to see the kids so delighted with the gifts they received. It’s so rewarding to be able to make a difference and help children experience the magic of Christmas”.

- Jeff Zemito, Partner and Financial Planner

 Check out our Cleveland Holiday Toy Drive Photo Gallery