Awesome Night at the 2015 Everyone Wins All Star Game
Friday, February 27, 2015

What a tremendous night of fun, fast-breaking action and excitement for the first ever Everyone Wins East vs West All Star basketball game which took place on February 25 at Independence Fieldhouse.  Organized by Empower Sports as a celebration and fundraiser, three Special Needs travel teams teamed up with St. Ignatius, Kenston, Solon and other schools to put on a great game.  Adding to the excitement, Moondog from the Cavaliers showed up and had a special embrace for Elmo!

Steve Thompson, President of the Skylight Foundation and co-founder of Everyone Wins said, “It was an incredible night - such a blast.  It’s a blessing to be able to serve our athletes and give them the time of their lives.  We can’t thank everyone enough for supporting us.”

Empower Sports, which is sponsored by the Skylight Foundation, focuses on providing athletes with special needs rewarding social experiences through playing the games they love.  Integrating with their typical peers, the program emphasizes socialization skills, teamwork, discipline and having fun.

Check out photos from the All Star Game and the awesome clip of a last second shot that got everyone on their feet!